Minetest Server "Asia Thailand"

aus den Welten "Celine in Thailand" + "Wildes Land"

After start Minetest, search the Server "Celine in Thailand" by typing Celine in the search area and use your nickname and first the given password from Thomas (on the paper).
Later, in the Game you should change it to your own one. Take a account for kids and one for you as parent also, sometime just to join for fun, or watch there buildings

Map Spawnzone 4: letzte Map Spawn
2 alte Karten von A und B hier zu den alten Wildes Land Maps

Infos zur Welt "Wildes Land 2" hier zu den neues Wildes Land 2 Maps - -

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Impressum und Wohnort: Thomas Wilfried Wigand Wiegand, 291 Moo 2, Sanpakwan, Hangdong, Chiang Mai, 50230, Chiang Mai, Thailand, +66 83 869 7732, (SubDomain)@(Domain)